A proof tolerant yeast to control your dough.

Have you thrown away or remixed doughs because they are spent or over proofed? What if we told you that is a thing of the past? Yeast is the key ingredient to dough development and fermentation. It’s also a process that needs to be precise. Let it work too long and doughs are ruined.

But now, bakeries can have more control with proof tolerant yeast

FlexFerm® is a dry baker’s yeast that provides proof tolerance. It is produced from a strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that does not ferment the maltose sugar in flour, so the amount of leavening it produces is controlled by the amount of sugar added to the recipe.

  • It can be used in bread, pizza and other baked goods to provide tolerance to process upsets or allow extended proof times
  • You can proof at ambient temperature for 24 hours, no proof box needed
  • Refrigerated dough products can be stored longer and with less precise temperature control
  • Conventional and frozen dough products can be held at ambient or proofing temperature for 8 hours or more after proofing is complete
  • It’s non-GMO and Kosher, available in liquid and dry form

How does it work?

Yeast feeds on sugar, or more specifically, the maltose sugar in flour. However, FlexFerm® does not. Instead, it feeds off the amount of sugar added to the recipe. Once it ferments the sugar present, it becomes inactive. The dough then stops fermentation, pausing dough development and proofing.

This means your dough can proof at an ambient temperature, and stay at your desired development for up to for 24 hours. So if your line is down, you don’t lose any dough!

Baking with FlexFerm®

Because of the added sugar, this yeast works best in lean doughs that have 1-3% sugar. Recommend usage levels are 1-3% based on flour weight. There is also a specific yeast that can be used in pizza applications, which we know, gets over proofed frequently at the store level.