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Donut Production

Date: 07/25/24 Discover how advanced equipment like rheology analysis tools and automated vision inspection systems are revolutionizing donut production by ensuring consistency, quality, and efficiency. Join our webinar to learn how these technologies can give your bakery a competitive edge. Got questions? Wait for after the seminar and ask them during our vibrant Q&A session.

Future BAKERviews

Gluten-free bread seminar.

Baking Gluten Free

Date: 08/22/24 Gluten-free baking is on the rise! Come learn about new ingredients that will affect how your gluten-free baked goods perform over shelf life.  Think hydrocolloids are the only solution for your gluten-free processing? In this seminar, we will be talking about new protein, fiber and enzyme technology that are game changers in the market right now.

Gluten-free bread seminar.

Bringing Objectivity Into the Plant

Date: 09/12/24 If quality has been a constant battle within your teams and your customers, this is the seminar you should attend. Using proper instrumentation and vision systems are key to bringing objectivity to your bakery facility. When proper quality methods are implemented and agreed upon with the customer, subjectivity goes out the window and compliance will prevent you from throwing away baked goods.

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Gluten-free pizza seminar

Reformulating and Cost Optimization

Aired on 06/20/24 — Explore cost-effective ingredient alternatives without compromising quality. Join us for an informative seminar where we will delve into common reformulation and cost-cutting techniques, such as egg replacement, milk replacement, and the efficiencies of ingredient blends. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the competitive market while managing costs effectively!

A bread baking test is a controlled, small scale pan bread production run that is carried out at lab or pilot plant level by R&D and/or QC departments of flour mills and bakeries.

Stop Guessing, Start Understanding: A way to new and improved QC Strategy

Aired on 05/30/24 Develop an overall quality program in your bakery plant, that is focused on objectivity. Most often, an increase in waste and a decrease in overall efficiencies is due to the inability to deal with flour quality at the operator level. Incoming flour quality needs to be more consistent to cope with the shortage of skilled labor. So how do you build a program that can define the flour quality for your plant, and create a workflow that doesn’t require a highly skilled labor force?

Gluten-free pizza seminar

Pizza, Flat Bread & Tortillas

Aired 05/23/24 — Today’s pizza and flatbread markets are in increasing demand, thus producers need to be at the top of their game with state-of-the-art technologies to satisfy their customers’ demands. Novel trends, such as keto and gluten-free, are becoming more important for bakers worldwide.

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