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Lin Carson PhD


Dr. Lin Carson

The mastermind behind BAKERpedia, embarked on a mission to tackle the frustration of unanswered technical questions on the web. This led her to envision and create the world’s largest baking encyclopedia. With her vast knowledge and expertise in the bakery industry, Dr. Carson is not only a renowned bakery expert but also a Certified Executive Coach.

Having graduated from Kansas State University and The Ohio State University, Dr. Carson has amassed over two decades of experience in the baking and food industry. Throughout her career, she has successfully built and led technical service teams and programs, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Dr. Carson’s journey in the baking world includes notable ventures with brands like Wendy’s Int’l and Dave’s Killer Bread. Drawing from her rich experiences, she now dedicates her efforts to help bakers worldwide optimize their quality processes, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency.

With Dr. Lin Carson at their side,  bakers can streamline their operations, saving valuable resources and ensuring top-notch quality in every bakery. Join the revolution and unlock the secrets to baking success with Dr. Carson and BAKERpedia.

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