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The Academy

Growth Hacking Seminars

These one-day seminars are presented by baking experts and focused on gearing bakers for growth using innovative new ingredients and equipment. From novel technologies, to leading trends, to innovative methods, cover key topics of the industry in a collaborative environment.

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Digital Academy by BAKERpedia and AIB.

Digital Academy

BAKERpedia and AIB International are offering a series of online courses to help your employees to be recognized as baking professionals, grouped at a discounted price. Pick a bundle that matches your focus and learn at your own pace.

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A webinar on functional ingredients like yeast, sugar, salt and water.

LIVE Online Q&A

Understand the function of key ingredients, and how to bake with them at this LIVE online-webinar series. Over two hour-long sessions we’ll cover the functionality of ingredients, and answer your questions live.

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