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  • Egg Replacement and Vegan L-Cysteine from WACKER.

Egg Replacement and Vegan L-Cysteine

There are many reasons why bakers today are looking to limit their use of eggs and other ingredients of animal origin. Whether you want to keep an eye on [...]

  • Measuring Dough Rheology with KPM at IBIE.

Measuring Dough Rheology

Are you looking for ways to improve your quality control, bakers? No matter the finished product, all bakery products come in an infinite variety of shapes, sizes, compositions, textures, [...]

  • Leavening Solutions from Innophos for bakers.

Leavening Solutions from Innophos

Did you know that the concept of leavening agents is as old as bread itself? It’s true, and there’s evidence of leavened bread going as far back as ancient [...]


  • The Plant-based revolution in patisserie at IBIE Baking Expo.

The Plant-based Revolution in Patisserie

When people think of pastries, they usually imagine rich, buttery, and sometimes flaky baked goods. Although, as the vegetarian and vegan bakery trends expand, food manufacturers are beginning to [...]

  • Producing delicious, clean label tortillas at IBIE 2022.

Producing Delicious, Clean Label Tortillas

In the United States, wheat flour tortillas are the fastest growing segment of the entire baking industry. That means that if you haven’t started producing tortillas, you definitely should [...]

  • Add a world of flavor with crispy onions at IBIE 2022 baking expo.

Add a World of Flavor with Crispy Onions

Bakers around the world will soon be headed to Las Vegas for this year’s Baking Expo. Now, you know what that means! It’s time for all the delicious samples! [...]


  • What’s new in artisan equipment at IBIE 2022?

What’s New in Artisan Equipment?

The new bakery technology that is coming out nowadays never ceases to amaze me. If you enjoy seeing the newest technology, you’ll find plenty showcased at IBIE! After all, to [...]

  • Antimicrobial packaging in today’s bakery and IBIE baking expo.

Antimicrobials in Today’s Bakery

Shelf life is a huge concern for bakers and food producers everywhere, which is why they are always on the hunt for more sophisticated solutions. This year’s Baking Expo [...]

  • Getting pan restoration solutions at the IBIE baking expo.

Getting Restoration to Pan Out For You

Bakers have a variety of tools they use to keep their production lines producing at optimal levels. At this year’s Baking Expo, I’ll be looking for more solutions to [...]

BAKERpedia at IBIE

  • Join BAKERpedia's Future of Food Rooftop Party at IBIE 2022.

Join Our Future of Food Rooftop Party!

By now, everyone in the industry is very much looking forward to IBIE 2022. As the first large-scale in-person baking event in the US since 2019, there will be [...]

  • Why keto baking will impact the future of baking.

Why Keto Will Impact the Future of Baking

Are you looking forward to attending the IBIE Baking Expo this year? Come see my QuickBITES talk about the keto bakery trend and how it will affect the future [...]

  • Live from IBIE, it’s BAKERpedia!

Live from IBIE, it’s BAKERpedia!

Alright, so we may not be getting into sketch comedy, but we are certainly fans of live broadcasts. True to nature, our BAKER Influencers will be at the forefront [...]