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  • Baking gets gut healthy at IBIE baking expo.

Baking Gets Gut Healthy

Gut healthy goods are popping up in grocery stores across the country, and bakers are taking notice. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to attend events like [...]

  • Checking out fibers and proteins at IBIE 2022.

Checking Out Fibers and Proteins at IBIE

One thing I know for sure is that consumers today are hungry for healthier baked goods. That means that there is still plenty of steam behind the high-fiber and [...]


  • Improvements in thermal profiling at IBIE 2022.

Improvements in Thermal Profiling

The IBIE Baking Expo is a great place to see the newest improvements in bakery technology. As the Technical Director of the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon, I [...]

  • Discover stress-free dough processing at IBIE 2022.

Discover Stress-free Dough Processing

This year’s IBIE Baking Expo will showcase plenty of dough processing solutions. For bakers, that’s great news because the concept of dough processing is constantly evolving, and continues to gain importance [...]

  • Level up your packaging equipment at IBIE baking expo.

Level Up Your Packaging Equipment

For bakers looking to level up their packaging, there are plenty of bakery solutions to choose from today. When I go to IBIE, I am looking forward to checking [...]

BAKERpedia at IBIE

  • Live from IBIE, it’s BAKERpedia!

Live from IBIE, it’s BAKERpedia!

Alright, so we may not be getting into sketch comedy, but we are certainly fans of live broadcasts. True to nature, our BAKER Influencers will be at the forefront [...]