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      @stiab37 Question from Ingredients Page

      Coconut flour: Can coconut flour be eaten uncooked?
      I am launching a gluten free vegan baking business. I use gf oats and coconut flour as main ingredients- I use coconut sugar and/or maple syrup as a sweetener. I am thinking the dough can be eaten raw. Btw, I use flax eggs instead of eggs. I am not a baker by trade. I am a fifth grade teacher! I’m doing this because I eat gf and dairy free and I simply can’t find healthy delicious fresh baked items when I go to coffee shops and sandwich shops. I would LOVE some information on several topics so that I’m doing this right nutritionally. So can the dough be eaten raw? Coconut flour is the only ingredient in question for me. I have more questions I would love to ask. Your videos are so informative and interesting!!!

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