How to put a stop to mold in baked goods.

No one likes to deal with mold. That’s why bakers work so hard to stop it before it shows up. But sometimes it’s about working smarter instead of harder.

Mold is an opportunistic living microorganism that feeds on organic matter. It can live in almost any ecosystem or environment. So here are some ways to keep ahead of it.

Before baking…

A few things that you can adjust in your formula and process:

  • Low water availability
  • Low pH
  • Proper sanitation / handling
  • Temperature
  • Preservatives

After baking…

This is where the mold control steps are really crucial. Because when products come out of the oven, they are virtually sterile.

Sanitation, proper cooling and storage temperatures are all big influencers. Packaging is also key. Modified, vacuum atmosphere or anti-microbial packaging are technologies that can help extend shelf life.

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