Balchem bakery solutions.

BALCHEM® Ingredient Solutions proprietary encapsulation and inclusion technology protects core ingredients from the inside out. Along with the process improvements realized by the use of encapsulated ingredients, BALCHEM’s® technology provides economic benefits to manufacturers through optimized formulation and reduction in product loss.

Our proprietary line of encapsulated products deliver tangible improvements in finished product quality and shelf life by effectively controlling undesirable chemical interactions in food. In addition to encapsulation technology, BALCHEM® is the market leader in the manufacture of lipid-based inclusions, a convenient and cost-effective method for delivering new flavors, aromas and colors to a variety of end-use applications.

These fat-based inclusions were designed to be easily incorporated into food products and only release their functional components once the melt point of the fat is obtained in process.


To control, protect and deliver

Our consistently high quality products begin as carefully selected raw materials. An active water-soluble ingredient is combined with water-insoluble coating material in a proprietary process maintained under stringent controls. Multiple thin layers of protective coating are applied to the particle to achieve full coverage.

These products exhibit excellent handling characteristics in a production environment, with a significant reduction in clumping, dusting and strong odors, as compared to their unencapsulated counterparts. Encapsulates are uniform, relatively smooth-surfaced granules, with excellent barrier properties against the harsh conditions and agents typical of food processing operations.

Encapsulates are designed to exhibit consistent and reliable functionality that is specific to their end use. Active ingredients are released in a food system when desired, by the combined effects of elevated temperature, physical force and moisture.

Our encapsulates line offers three specialty product lines:
BakeShure® – ingredients offering leavening, mold-control, and sour dough flavors
ConfecShure® – ingredients adding flavor and tartness
MeatShure® – ingredients that include acidulants and salts


BALCHEM® Ingredient Solutions flavor systems’ inclusions offer a convenient, cost-effective way to enhance existing products, or to help you create new ones.

Application Benefits of Our Inclusions:

  • Convenient, one-step addition of flavor, aroma, color, and texture
  • Lipid base potentiates aromas and flavors
  • Flavor, aroma, and color are protected until baking process
  • Delivers flavor consistency
  • Creates color bursts or discrete piece identity
  • Color stability during storage of product
  • No color bleeding
  • Off the shelf or customized profiles
  • Available in non-GMO and organic versions

Processing Benefits of Our Inclusions:

  • Blend evenly and easily into dry mixes, doughs and batters
  • Do not inhibit yeast action
  • Will not puncture or break dough
  • Does not stick to processing equipment
  • Does not cause dust or aromas like powders
  • Range of available sizes to match processing capabilities


BALCHEM® Ingredient Solutions, a leading provider of value-added food and beverage ingredients, is comprised of five distinct but synergistic business segments including; Powder Systems, Flavor Systems, Encapsulates & Inclusions, VitaCholine and Cereal Systems.

Delivering cutting-edge capabilities and creative solutions, BALCHEM®  provides valuable opportunities through high quality products, spanning numerous application categories including powders, creamers, nutrients, beverage and dairy, frozen desserts, cereals, baking, confectionery and meat ingredients.

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