The plant based food trend has been growing steadily since 2017 when its market was valued at $3.9 billion. As of 2023, this market was valued at $8.1 billion with more consumers demanding plant based alternatives, whether for ecological or ethical reasons. In the baking industry, plant based baked goods continue to be in high demand, with many citing reasons such as dietary restrictions, allergens, sustainability, and cost reduction.

In this episode of BAKED in Science, Mark is joined by Morgan Keim and Brock Kuhlman of Plantible. Plantible is unlocking the power of plants to promote the health and longevity of people and the planet. They work with pioneering food brands to create better plant based products that are affordable, tasty, and nutritious, making animal-based protein the less desirable alternative.

Going Plant-Based for the Planet

As they discuss plant based protein alternatives, some topics covered include:

  • Creating sustainable food systems
  • RuBisCo (Rubi Protein™) Protein
  • Consumer trend toward plant based for health reasons
  • Egg price volatility
  • The science behind egg replacement
  • Gluten-free enhancement
  • Rubi Whisk™ to replace eggs in a variety of baked goods
  • Innovating with ingredient solutions

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