BAKER Academy

The BAKER Academy is a membership service for the commercial baking industry. Exclusive content includes online seminars, Q&As with Dr. Lin, whitepapers and more, allowing you to dig deeper into problem solving and top trends.

It’s free, convenient access to a content library that’s constantly being added to—and did we mention it was free?

Why Join the Academy?

Our goal at BAKERpedia has always been to provide helpful and reliable information to the commercial baking industry. Over the years we’ve done this with paid seminars, downloads and live streams. Now, through the BAKER Academy, we’re combining it all in one place. So with one login you can learn more about the industry in one easy place.

What’s included?

Get complete access to interactive online seminars, expert presentations, white papers and more! The membership includes access to everything, with new content added each month. Information is shared in 2 main formats:

  • BAKERpaper: technical problem solving papers on key subjects and new trends.
  • BAKERview: live seminars with expert presentations, demos and roundtable discussions. Attend our Growth Hacking Seminars for free!

PLUS: access past videos and download presentations

The BAKER Academy is

  • Convenient: no need to make a new purchase for individual seminars, or enter your information for each download.
  • Affordable: no paying thousands of dollars for attending classes, trainings and travels. Access information online FOR FREE.
  • Reliable: like all BAKERpedia content, it’s compiled by experts, scientifically sourced, and simple to understand.
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