Fava or faba beans can be used in gluten-free baking, and as a source of protein.
If you are looking for high-quality alternatives to the current cake mixes available on the market, there will be some good contenders at IBIE 2022! Cakes represent an important segment within the baking industry, meaning that cake mixes are a vital resource for many commercial bakers. Not to mention, they are flexible and can be accompanied by a wide variety of inclusions, allowing them to be adjusted to current bakery trends, including vegan or gluten-free. Ideally, alternative mixes should still maintain the traditional flavor and quality of specialty cakes.

What’s new in cake mixes

That’s why, when I go to IBIE, I am looking forward to seeing what Dawn Foods has to offer for cake mixes. Dawn specialty mixes make it easy for operators to experiment with new ideas and create on-trend bakes. Beyond simplifying the process, their mixes offer a simple and cost-effective way for operators to tap into American sweet bakery trends and sell a premium finished product with enhanced profit margins. Plus, all of this comes without having to buy additional ingredients or train for new skills! Dawn Foods’ mixes are versatile enough to create loaf cakes, sheet cakes, tin cakes, steamed puddings, and much more, making them the ideal mix to create appetizing sweet snacks or desserts for consumers to enjoy. As a professional cake baker, that is the kind of versatility I can appreciate!

So, if you are looking for hi-ratio cake mixes with outstanding flavor, quality texture, excellent volume, consistent bake time, a crumb that allows for long shelf life, and eye-catching appeal, then be sure to visit Dawn Foods at their Baking Expo IBIE 2022 booth.

Explore more of their cake offerings here!

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