Sustainable Baking with Lallemand at IBIE 2022.
These days, there is more demand for sustainable and eco-conscious food businesses. Why? Well, considering that food production alone is currently responsible for 26% of greenhouse gasses, and that is up 8% since 1990. At IBIE, our team visited the Lallemand Baking booth to learn how they can help bakers and food manufacturers become more sustainable by improving their processing and saving energy.

Sustainable Baking

Bakers know that fermentation is essential to many baked goods as it involves a complex series of biological reactions that allow the dough to leaven. As a pioneer in the probiotic industry and a specialist in bacteria and yeast production since 1934, Lallemand has nine production facilities around the world. Their decades of experience coupled with innovative bakery solutions can help with process optimization, clean-label ingredients, and shelf life extension, alongside saving water and energy.

Without a doubt, making better use of yeast, bacteria, and fermentation techniques can not only help provide solutions that meet the needs of consumers but also save on cost, mixing time, and much more. Want to find out how you can make your baking process more sustainable?

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