SmartSpiral Monitoring System from Ashworth Bros at IBIE.

Food production involves a lot of moving parts. I mean that literally! If you manufacture or produce food or baked goods on a large scale you know that the right equipment is what helps you move your products from start to finish. At IBIE, I caught up with Andreas Hofman, Commercial Director of the EMEA & APAC regions at Ashworth Bros. Inc. to discuss their SmartSpiral technology and how it is making it easier to monitor food production lines.

Smart monitoring system

Although they can sometimes be overlooked, conveyor belts are an essential component of industrial bakeries. They allow work-in-progress and finished products to effectively move along the production line. Ashworth Bros. Inc. has been in the industry for over 75 years, and they continue to revolutionize the world of belting. Their SmartSpiral system is an innovative application that provides real-time remote monitoring using predictive analytics to minimize production downtime.

This system even allows you to access data from multiple spiral or plant locations from a phone or tablet. Now, that is the kind of innovation I can get behind! The SmartSpiral allows plant managers to keep an eye on temperature, belt tension, cage power, and more from wherever they are in the world! Curious to see how it works?

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