Pak Perfect Non-Sticky Glaze for Donuts from Dawn.

Want to hear something a-glaze-ing? Food manufacturers producing donuts finally have a solution for an overly sticky glaze that can make the packing process messy. During the Baking Expo in Las Vegas, I spoke to Allison Hornev, Director of Core Portfolio and Innovation, and Roja Ergan, Director of R&D Wet Ingredients, at Dawn Foods Global about their new non-sticky glaze for donuts.

Non-Sticky Glaze Solutions

There are hundreds of varieties of donuts throughout the world. The two major types are yeasted donuts and cake donuts. However, The most popular type of donut is a circular one covered in a plain glaze. While their processing involves many steps, the glazing step is typically done while the donut is still warm and can have a huge impact on the presentation of the final product.

Dawn Foods Global’s reputation precedes them when it comes to donuts, and as experts in these delicious fried goods, they certainly know what customers need. Not only did they listen to bakers’ concerns about packing donuts, but they went ahead and developed a solution to the issue. Want to learn more?

Watch the full interview here:

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