C-Cell Interview on Baking Quality at IBIE 2022.

Are you looking to improve quality control on your production lines? You should know that data is an important part of the equation. Fortunately, there are solutions on the market which offer objective data analysis. At IBIE 2022, I interviewed Sales Manager, Steve Pike, about the latest software version of the C-Cell and how it can help save on time and cost by carrying out quicker analyses of ingredients, allowing producers to optimize formulations.

Analyze Baking Quality

If you aren’t familiar with the machine, the C-Cell digitally captures an image of a sliced section of a bread or cake product. Then, it digitally analyzes the image for critical crumb attributes such as cell size, structure, color, and uniformity, while comparing it to standard crumb scores. This baked product analyzer can be utilized to objectively quantify key features that relate to raw material quality or process conditions.

When it comes to research and development, having all the data necessary for quality control in one place allows producers to be quicker and more efficient in addressing quality issues with new ingredients and formulations. Do you want to learn more about this piece of equipment?

Watch the full interview here

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