Lessons learned while addressing sesame seeds and alternatives at IBIE.

As a baker with a long history of producing buns, sesame seeds are a very common ingredient for me. Unfortunately, with the rise of food allergens, these seeds have made their way to the chopping block for some food manufacturers. So, I’ll be interested to see how bakers are approaching sesame seeds at IBIE 2022.

Now, if you ask someone to imagine the perfect hamburger, chances are they’ll describe a delicious, golden bun topped with sesame seeds. This topping has a revered status at barbecues and grill-outs alongside hot dog and hamburger buns. Therefore, it can come as a strong blow to bread and bun producers who now need to limit their use of this potential allergen, according to the FDA. Additionally, sesame seeds don’t just add to the overall appearance of baked goods. They offer flavor, aroma, and texture, too!

Alternatives to Sesame Seeds

When it comes down to making the decision on whether or not to substitute this topping, these are important factors to consider, as well. Needless to say, bun producers are finding themselves in a bit of a pickle (but not the dill kind) on the topic of  the sesame seed. For this reason, I’ll definitely be keeping my ear to the ground at IBIE to see what lessons there are to be learned for this famous topping in the baking industry.

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