Leavening Solutions from Innophos for bakers.
Did you know that the concept of leavening agents is as old as bread itself? It’s true, and there’s evidence of leavened bread going as far back as ancient Egypt. At IBIE, I stopped by the Innophos booth to speak to Emma Hu, Scientist for Food & Bakery Applications, and Eugenia Erlij, Vice President of Marketing and Communications about their new innovative leavening solutions, Levair Fortify and Levair Stabilize.

Essential Leavening Solutions

Leavening agents are the third most important component in baking after flour and water. Since we are a long way from Egypt, it is really exciting to have innovative solutions to use in today’s baked goods.  Innophos’ LEVAIR® portfolio of baking technologies allows bakeries and food manufacturers to formulate for shifting market trends while also reducing waste, improving texture and volume, as well as achieving consistent leavening.

Fortify is proven to improve the volume and texture in protein-fortified baked goods. Whereas, Stabilize focuses on chemical leavening applications and enhances batter flow consistency resulting in higher cake volume. Curious to learn more about their leavening solutions?

Watch the full interview here:


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