Stone ground whole wheat flour is typically used for bread manufacturing.

Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour

Also known as wholemeal flour

What is Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour?

Stone ground whole wheat flour is made from grinding whole wheat kernels in grindmills or stone mills. It is often used in making textured artisan bread.1

This flour is typically used for bread manufacturing, but is not recommended for cakes and pastries. It is characterized by:

  • High oil content
  • Coarse particulation
  • High protein content (11-14%)


Stone ground wheat flour has been produced since ancient times. Prior to the 1800s, over 22,000 gristmills were spread across the United States.  With the discovery of electricity in the following century, new processing techniques evolved mainly roller mills which became the predominant flour milling method.1 The current resurgence of this kind of flour is mainly due to current organic food movement.1


Ground whole wheat flour has several purposes in baked goods, primarily breads:1

  • Provide structure: aids in defining shape and size and preventing products from collapsing due  to its gluten content.
  • Water absorption: aids in dough stability and handling.
  • Flavor: provides a mild nutty flavor.
  • Color: provides brownish color due to the bran present, and provides subtract for Maillard’s browning reaction.
  • Nutritional value: provides carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Typical composition of per 100 grams:2

Component Grams
Carbohydrates 71.05
Protein 18.42
Moisture 7.28
Lipids 2.63
Ash 0.62

In addition to being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, stone ground wheat flour contains high levels of dietary fiber. Its large particle size may be beneficial in reducing the flour glycemic index.1,2

Commercial production

Stone ground whole wheat flour is typically produced through the following process:3

  • Cleaning: impurities are removed from the whole wheat kernels
  • Single-stream milling: whole kernels are compressed between two stones without separating any part of the grain
  • Sifting: different particles sizes can be retained over several sieves
  • Packaging: the flour is packaged for transportation


Stone ground whole wheat flour is typically used for the manufacture of artisan and speciality breads and other baked goods. Some considerations to take into when working with stone...

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