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Ammonium bicarbonate is an ingredient used in the leavening system for crackers.

Ammonium Bicarbonate

What is Ammonium Bicarbonate?

Ammonium bicarbonate is a colorless solid. It is crystalline in form and is a chemical salt. It is used as a source of carbon dioxide in some low-moisture baked goods.


Synthesized from ammonium sulfate and calcium carbonate.


Baking soda replacement for low-moisture products like dry cookies or some cracker products.


Used in combination with baking soda for cracker applications. Typically ammonium bicarbonate will be used at 30-50% of the baking soda level. Ammonium bicarbonate’s usage is restricted to very low-moisture products as even moderate moisture levels will retain the ammonia and render the product inedible.


Chemical structure of ammonium bicarbonate.

Chemical structure of ammonium bicarbonate.