Watch Farm to Fork’s Influence on Bakeries at iba 2023.Food safety is an essential aspect of day-to-day bakery operations. Between bakery trends like clean label and the rising concern for allergens, food safety and how it relates to traceability is moving to the forefront for many bakeries. Luckily for today’s bakers, the evolution of technology makes it easier for them to optimize the process and maintain quality control measures.

Generally, traceability refers to an ingredient or other product that can be followed from its source through its production, processing, distribution, and sale. For instance, grain traceability is vital for cereal and grain growers, as it ensures the quality of grains introduced into the food supply chain, allowing certification and accreditation of their products and quickly locating problematic product shipments.

Advancements in Traceability

With the rise of digitalization and artificial intelligence, plenty of new opportunities are opening for bakers in the industry. Since food safety is a big priority for bakers, implementing traceability systems and tracking ingredients from farm to fork will allow them to raise food safety standards. These kinds of technology will improve the overall product quality and, in the long run, can increase customer satisfaction and open up new sales channels. That’s why I am excited to see what new technologies will be used to address traceability at iba 2023.

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