Discover stress-free dough processing at IBIE 2022.

This year’s IBIE Baking Expo will showcase plenty of dough processing solutions. For bakers, that’s great news because the concept of dough processing is constantly evolving, and continues to gain importance as bakers are trying to meet new consumer demands. Many of today’s dough processing technologies are utilized in pan bread and bun production. These can be customized to operate with different dough systems like sponge and dough, no-time dough, and liquid sponges.

Although customization certainly makes things a lot easier, dough processing can still be relatively stressful as they are so many moving parts. When a company can help simplify the process, that is really valuable to bakers like you and me! One such company is Rheon, a company inspired by the science of rheology itself. When Rheon was established in 1963, the company introduced to the world the inductive shaping method, which brought attention to Rheological Engineering as a new field of study.

Solutions for Stress-free Dough Processing

Rheon’s applied rheological engineering offers the new “Stress Free® System” to create damage-free dough during the forming process. They seek to make dough processing automation efficient in order to maximize dough quality and characteristics with their stress-free dough processing equipment. Rheon has made it possible to eliminate the time-consuming dough dividing process by forming continuous thin dough sheets prior to the dividing process. I’m particularly excited to see their “From Dough Sheet to Bread” system and how it fits into their “Stress Free® System”.

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