Baking with Organic Oats with Grain Millers at IBIE 2022.
If you are debating which grains to add to your healthy baked goods, I t-oat-ally recommend you give oats a try! At IBIE in Las Vegas last month, I sat down with Pat Shannon, Business Development at Grain Millers, Inc. to find out how their oat and grain-based solutions offer bakers a variety of applications and options when formulating. Having grown from a single oat mill in the 1980s, Grain Miller’s offers a range of corn, flax, barley, rye, and triticale products for bakers around the country.

Get Creative with Organic Oats

Of course, as one of the largest oat millers in the US, I can’t forget to mention some of the nutritional benefits bakers can look forward to when formulating with oats. Besides tasting great, oat products are an excellent additive to many baked goods, including cookies and multigrain bread. This can be attributed to their very high level of soluble dietary fiber, mainly beta-glucan, as well as gluten-free oat proteins when properly produced.

As consumers these days demand more healthy, clean-label, and even gluten-free bakery products, it’s certainly worth exploring new grains to add into your formulations. Want to learn more about Grain Miller’s portfolio of grains?

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