rolled oats

Rolled oats provide a source of whole grains and fiber to baked goods.

Rolled Oats

What are Rolled Oats?

Oats that have been dehulled, steamed, cut, rolled and flaked.


Oats are mainly grown in the northern Midwest region in the United States.


Source of texture in cookies and quick breads. Rolled oats can be used to enhance the appearance of whole or multigrain bread when applied to the top of the loaf prior to baking. Rolled oats also provide a source of whole grains and fiber to the baked good.


Protein 15-17%, carbohydrate 59-70%, fiber 5-13%, fat 4-9%


For cookies and quick breads, oats should be added in the final stage of mixing, typically with the wheat flour. To add fiber and/or whole grains to formulations, substitute up to one third wheat flour with rolled oats.


Good source of beta-glucan fiber. May reduce the risk of heart disease.