BAKERpedia Donates Its Encyclopedia of Knowledge to ASB to Collaborate and Foster Knowledge Sharing in the Baking Industry.

In a groundbreaking partnership, BAKERpedia, the industry’s hub and leading voice for innovative baking solutions, is joining forces with ASB (American Society of Baking), a renowned association dedicated to the advancement of the baking industry.

Baking Industry Innovation

BAKERpedia will bring awareness to one of the oldest baking associations who is reinventing itself with modern ways to serve the industry, just in time for its 100th anniversary celebration! The collaboration between BAKERpedia and ASB aims to promote membership and foster knowledge sharing within the baking community to empower baking professionals.

Recognizing the importance of accessible resources and the power of collective expertise, BAKERpedia has donated its extensive collection of articles, how-to’s, tutorials, and expert tips, spanning a wide range of industrial baking disciplines.

Both organizations look to leverage their respective strengths to benefit baking professionals and enthusiasts across the globe. The partnership will significantly expand ASB’s digital resources, providing its members with unparalleled access to comprehensive and up-to-date information in the baking field.

The Power of Shared Knowledge

“We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Lin Carson for her generosity and recognition of ASB’s vision to enhance how we serve the baking industry. ASB Members are asking us to develop resources and support their education needs. Collaboration with thought leaders and partners like those at BAKERpedia allows us to enhance our learning library exponentially overnight. Through our teams and volunteers, we will use this new resource wisely and expand our service to ASB members and beyond,” remarked Kristen L. Spriggs, CAE, IOM, the American Society of Baking’s executive director.

This partnership comes at a crucial time for the baking community, as professionals seek innovative ways to stay connected and grow their expertise amidst evolving market demands. By combining forces, BAKERpedia and ASB will facilitate the exchange of ideas, encourage networking, and elevate the standards of the baking industry as a whole.

Shaping the Baking Landscape for the Future

“BAKERpedia has been educating the baking industry for 9 years with our free encyclopedia. While I get plenty of gratitude for founding this resource, it’s been built by a team of food science writers and it’s been a labor of love. With the new leadership at ASB, I feel it is time this resource helps the association. Recently, I’m finding great value in actively working directly in plants with bakers across the US and making recommendations on products to use and connecting relationships. This is the direction of our new BAKERconcierge program that has really taken off! It is a natural pivot for us that continues to inspire innovation in the industry, driven by technical demand at the plant level,” said Lin Carson, CEO of BAKERpedia, who earned her PhD in the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University.

Both organizations are excited about the potential impact this collaboration will have on the baking community. Through their agreed commitment to knowledge sharing and professional development, BAKERpedia and ASB aim to empower bakers to excel in their businesses, contribute to the industry’s growth, and bring innovation to bakers around the world.

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