About Bakerpedia
About Bakerpedia

We’re here for the 3 a.m. dough mixers, the attention-to-detail formulators, the first time small business owners, the product-line managers, the food scientist grad students, and anyone else who considers themselves a baking and food industry professional. Why? Because we’ve been there. We know reliable, free and convenient information is hard to come by. So we’re on a mission of:

Educating, inspiring and empowering the professional baking & food industry with cutting-edge food science solutions.

About Bakerpedia

We don’t create this content and do all this research just for fun (although we definitely have fun doing it). The hope is that by putting all this knowledge out there, the world becomes a better place. A place where anyone can learn the best way to make food that’s full of nutrition and goodness, but also affordable and convenient to all shoppers, all over the world. It’s our vision to be:

The leading destination for food science & technology that transforms food manufacturing and drives business growth.

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Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, BAKERpedia has team members and collaborators around the world. From technical writers to bakery experts, everyone is always thinking of new ways and mediums to share information with you. And how do we we keep it all free? Our content is sponsored by ingredient and equipment suppliers and companies. We’re proud to partner with many of the leading and innovative players in the industry.

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BAKERpedia is proud to be owned and operated by an Asian American woman. BAKERpedia CEO Dr. Lin Carson and the BAKERpedia team stand against white supremacy and racism in the many forms it takes. Food production is an extremely diverse, global industry and BAKERpedia’s intention has been, and always will be, to provide equal access to technical resources for all individuals, regardless of race, gender identification, age or religion.

Resources for Baking Industry Professionals

Whether you’re on the floor baking, in the lab testing, in the office managing your business or anywhere in between—BAKERpedia has digital resources and credible information to help you learn, grow and innovate. On our site you’ll find a blogpodcast, and a digital encyclopedia of key ingredientsprocesses and food safety standards.  And be sure to check out our BAKERin program for more content and helpful hints. Here are a few other resources from BAKERpedia:

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Looking for easy access to affordable, online certified bakery training courses? Here’s a solution to train your employees in the bakery. BAKERpedia has a series of paid courses that go in-depth into the science of baking, training you to tackle all the essential ingredients and processes.

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