Adding Protein to Gluten-Free Products with PGP International at IBIE 2022.

Gluten-free and high-protein are two trends that a lot of bakers need ingredient solutions for these days. Well, I can tell you now that grains and plant-based proteins will be leading the way here! If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Baking Expo, you’re in luck because I stopped by the PGP International booth to talk to David Winkler, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, about their ingredient solutions for gluten-free and high-protein baking alongside their new Prolifica line.

Nutritional Gluten-free Products

PGP International is specialized in rice flour, which is used in gluten-free baking as a key ingredient for polymeric network formation and as a dusting powder for high-hydration doughs to prevent dough sticky. However, they also offer extruded grains and protein crisps made from textured peas and soy. In baking, plant-based proteins are popularly used for their nutritional value and functional benefits in bread, muffins, cookies, and other baked goods.

For bakers who want want to add texture to their products or formulate for the keto, gluten-free, or even vegan bakery trends, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at these ingredient solutions. Curious to see how these gluten-free extrusions and plant-based proteins can be used in application?

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