2801, 2020

Oat Flour for Gluten-free Products with a Long Shelf Life

Brought to you by Soulanges Mills. When finding flour for gluten-free baked goods, it mostly means losing some of the key baking properties of wheat flour. However, some wheat alternatives can actually improve aspects of the final product. Like a specific variety of oat flour that can increase nutrition and shelf life — a [...]

801, 2020

Become a Certified BakePro

Brought to you by AIB International. Want to keep your business innovative and efficient? Positively impact employee behavior and increase job satisfaction? Then invest in programs that support your employees and help your business grow. BakePro Certification from AIB International provides the best aspects of consulting such as  good management, a needs assessment, alignment [...]

1912, 2019

Why Oven Heating Modes Matter in the Patisserie Market

The patisserie market is a diverse one, with many unique features and products. It’s also a dynamic market, increasing with 4 more million tons of patisserie consumed per year worldwide at an increase of +0.3% per year. Consumers are asking for new tastes, healthy products and freshness. Health concerns are a hot topic in [...]

212, 2019