Whey-based Ingredient Solutions with Arla Food Ingredients.

The high-protein bakery trend has been strong and steady over the last five years, with many consumers now expecting to see anything from 20% to 40% protein on the label when they buy a bakery snack-to-go. Yet, the egg-free trend has also shot up in recent years, due to cost, health concerns, and even the popularity of plant-based diets. At IBIE, I sat down with Nikolaj Beck, Sales Development Manager at Arla Food Ingredients to talk about their ingredients that cater to the growing egg-free and high-protein bakery trends.

Whey-based ingredients for top trends

In baking, whey protein is used for its emulsifying, foaming, gelling, stabilizing, browning, and nutritional properties, not to mention it can also used as a substitute for egg whites. However, this ingredient’s abilities don’t stop there, because it can also be useful in gluten-free applications. Whether you are baking cakes, cookies, or even producing mixes, whey protein has many capabilities. Most notably, it simplifies the process of formulating for egg-free and high-protein trends.

I can’t forget to mention that Arla Foods Ingredients is also working to offer more cage-free solutions. Companies that aren’t going egg-free just yet, but instead making cage-free commitments should also look to Arla for their high-quality cage-free offerings. Want to learn more?

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