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BAKERpedia by the numbers

It’s been a phenomenal year for BAKERpedia. Since we started this journey over three years ago, we’ve been doing everything we can to get you the baking answers you’re searching for, and the ones you didn’t know you had yet! As these stats show, we’re off to a good start!

We have recently ranked #1 and appear in answer boxes for many baking search terms on Google, ranking above Wikipedia. Why? It’s because you are seeking the answers to these questions, and we have it laid out in a simple and truthful way.

As we seek to make shared knowledge a goal, we’re providing simple, credible solutions to complex challenges, so you can focus on the things that matter–business growth in a competitive commercial baking environment.

Great things are ahead! Here are a few things we have planned for 2018:

So thank you, for your support and innovative spirit!


About the Author:

Lin Carson, PhD
Dr. Lin Carson’s love affair with baking started over 25 years ago when she earned her BSc degree in Food Science & Technology at the Ohio State University. She went on to earn her MSc then PhD from the Department of Grain Science at Kansas State University. Seeing that technical information was not freely shared in the baking industry, Dr. Lin decided to launch BAKERpedia to cover this gap. Today, as the world’s only FREE and comprehensive online technical resource for the commercial baking industry, BAKERpedia is used by over half a million commercial bakers, ingredient sellers, equipment suppliers and baking entrepreneurs annually. You can catch Dr. Lin regularly on the BAKED In Science podcast solving baking problems. For more information on Dr. Lin, subscribe to her "Ask Dr. Lin" YouTube Channel, or follow her on LinkedIn.

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