The Rise of Online Ordering in Baking at iba 2023.

In an increasingly digital world where e-commerce has become the most common way to shop, more commercial bakeries are going online to reach customers. While online ordering and delivery is nothing new for consumers, it has taken a while to implement in many bakeries. The food industry is moving forward with the integration of technological tools into everyday processes, and the baking industry is not staying behind.

As more bakeries invest in newer technologies and bakery software to cut costs and manage labor shortages, online ordering is growing in popularity. Bakers are starting to partner with delivery companies to provide smooth service and ensure that baked goods arrive safely and fully intact.

Online Ordering Made Easy

Since this trend is growing so quickly, bakery equipment and software companies are developing new solutions rapidly to meet the demand. This is all made possible by robust bakery software that helps manage orders as well as bakery operations for anything from small craft bakeries to industrial-size ones. At iba this fall, I am looking forward to seeing what innovations there will be for bakers looking to offer convenient doorstep delivery.  While it requires some investment and training, online ordering and delivery is a great opportunity for everyone in the baking industry to increase their profits and scale up!

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