The Clean Label Trend Continues at iba 2023.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, clean label is here to stay! For consumers, clean label involves using simple, short ingredient lists with recognizable ingredients. That means, it can’t have chemicals, anything artificial, and should have minimal processing.

For bakers, that translates into saying goodbye to additives, or at least severely reducing them, using more natural ingredients, and making food labels as easy to understand as possible. Also, clean label requires bakers to go back to the basics: using innovative and different formulation and processing approaches.

Solutions for Clean Label Products

At iba 2023, I’ll be looking out for more clean label ingredients that can be used to add flavor, extend shelf life, and even add color to baked goods. While there are already lots of solutions on the market, including natural mold inhibitors like cultured wheat, enzymes, and emulsifiers, there is always room for improvement especially when it comes to texture, structure, strength, and volume. The entire industry is working tirelessly to clean up labels and provide solutions for bakeries of all sizes. I can’t wait to see what innovations are waiting for us at the show this fall!

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