Fava or faba beans can be used in gluten-free baking, and as a source of protein.
Who doesn’t love a nice snack? Lucky me, there will be plenty of options to check out at IBIE 2022! These days, consumer demand for convenience foods is growing increasingly faster for several reasons, including the desire to taste new products, different food habits, plus more awareness about healthy foods. Usually, snack foods are ready-to-eat baked products made with a variety of ingredients such as granola, oats, chocolate, dried fruits, nuts, coconut oil, honey, peanut butter, and many others. Of course, those ingredients are changing rapidly as snack food production expands.

A new direction for snack food production

As the Vice President of Technical Sales at AB MAURI, I can tell you this is a new arena for our company. If you didn’t already know, AB MAURI has dealt with yeast and bakery ingredients for over 150 years. The company started in 1868 with the introduction of Fleischmann’s yeast to the USA and over the years developed Australian links through Mauri Brothers bakery ingredients in 1911 and Burns Philp yeast & bakery ingredients. Later, in 2004, the AB MAURI group was formed. So, it is with our strong roots in yeast and bakery ingredients that we look toward the future into the world of snack foods.

I’m really looking forward to being at IBIE 2022 and am always happy to talk shop, bakers. Come to our booth (#1832) and say hi! Also, you’ll definitely want to stop by our The Rockin’ Pint event on Monday, September 19th from 5-6 pm to see Duff Goldman’s cover band, The Foie Grock. It’s going to be a good time all around, folks.

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