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PROVA is a 3rd generation family-owned sweet brown extract and flavor company. Founded on an entrepreneurial spirit and possessing the expertise and scale of a global business, PROVA is a globally recognized, certified woman-owned business operating in over 60 countries. Developing flavor solutions for a diverse range of customers, from start-ups and incubators to renowned global brands, PROVA approaches each client with unwavering dedication.

PROVA Inc, the North American headquarters for over 30 years,. is located in Beverly, Massachusetts. PROVA’s talented team of R&D Applications Technologists, Flavorists, and customer service professionals provide top-notch services to the industry. Equipped to support customers in improving existing solutions and researching innovative techniques, PROVA Inc. specializes in UHT processing, offering a streamlined and efficient evaluation process for beverage development. The flavor creation team complements this work by blending extracts and flavoring substances to produce customized solutions, creating an extraordinary taste experience for their customers.

As a global leader in manufacturing vanilla extracts and flavors, PROVA’s over 77 years of expertise are committed to sweet brown notes. Core flavors include vanilla, cocoa, coffee, and caramel. Drawing on inspiration from their creative and technical team PROVA offers ranges comprised of nut-free nut notes, indulgent notes, masking solutions, and more, all designed to meet market needs and please the consumer’s palate. PROVA’s motto is “Extracting the Essentials,” remaining the natural choice for sweet brown extracts and flavors, in the hearts and minds of their customers.

PROVA offers customers thousands of flavor possibilities for applications ranging from beverages and bakery products to ice cream and frozen desserts, dairy and alternative dairy items, plant-based snacks and bars, and chocolate and confectionery.

PROVA’s Extracts & Flavors

PROVA focuses on natural, organic, and sustainable extracts and flavors, with four core pillars – Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee, and Caramel. These pillars bring together a comprehensive selection of natural extracts and flavorings in liquid and powder forms.

VANILLA: PROVA’s vanilla extracts provide different solubilities suitable for food and beverage products. Our portfolio meets taste and certification needs, offering a range of sustainable products committed to supporting Madagascar. PROVANIL©, a unique technology, that provides an alternative to vanillin and ethylvanillin, is designed for products rich in fat. Vanilla powder brings the taste and appearance of the vanilla bean to various products.

COCOA: PROVA’s cocoa extracts and flavorings, 5 to 8 times more powerful than cocoa powder, offer technical solutions that reduce the quantity of traditional cocoa powder used, improve consistency, and provide an authentic aromatic signature.

COFFEE: PROVA’s coffee range offers extracts and flavors from different varieties and origins, reflecting the global coffee culture. Offering tailored technologies for each application ensures a rich and powerful coffee flavor in various applications.

CARAMEL: PROVA’s caramel range, from blonde to torched, includes a clean, natural solution for deep, rich caramel notes. The range offers tastes from around the world and various traditional caramel flavors.

NUT NOTES: PROVA’s nut range includes core nut flavors and nut-free options, providing delicious nut notes without concerns of allergens.

DAIRY NOTES: PROVA’s dairy range offers diverse aromatic characteristics for strengthening dairy notes or creating unique signature tastes. These flavors are ideal for plant-based and vegan alternatives that may lack creamy notes. 

INDULGENT NOTES: Inspired by decadent flavors, this range includes flavors inspired by baked goods, candy, alcohol, tea, and other naturally delicious notes.

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: PROVA creates custom solutions blending their team of Flavorists and Application Scientists, to address challenges in the industry like masking solutions to cover unwanted notes from proteins and botanicals.

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PROVA’s Commitment to Sustainability

Since 1946, PROVA’s story has revolved around people and vanilla. Our CSR program, Care&Act, showcases their commitment to excellence while respecting others. The Care&Act Sustainable Vanilla Extracts line allows customers to partner with them to support Madagascar and the Malagasy people. With over 50 KPIs, these initiatives focus on agriculture, education, health, lifestyle, and the environment.

PROVA’s initiatives include training farmers in Good Agricultural Practices, fair compensation following SVI recommendations, and more. Learn more about PROVA’s Care&Act Sustainable Vanilla Program here.

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