Prolonging Freshness & Packaging Technology

Assortment of different healthy white, wholegrain and wholewheat sliced loaves of fresh bread sealed in plastic bags ready to be distributed in a food drive, full frame overhead view

Bakers are always asking us how they can improve their shelf-life. While this is a complex issue that has many moving parts, one important factor in shelf life extension is packaging. However, in order to improve quality, efficiency, and sustainability, commercial bakers need to understand the production chain as a whole. In large-scale bakeries, maintaining a safe supply of raw materials and finished products requires handling thousands of pounds of packaging material per year.

How Packaging Influences Shelf Life

Right after baking, the quality of bread begins to deteriorate in the form of flavor and moisture loss, staling, and undesirable texture changes in the crust and crumb. Packaging’s main purpose is to maintain the integrity and sensorial properties of the food by protecting it from microbiological spoilage and staling. Advancements in packaging technology have led to the advent of packaging materials, edible films, and coatings that can be fortified with antimicrobials to create a protective barrier to prevent and retard microbial growth, thereby further extending shelf life.

Every year, it seems there are more interesting and innovative packaging solutions on the market including new machines and materials. I’m looking forward to seeing what packaging solutions and technologies will be on the show floor at iba 2023.

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