Level up your packaging equipment at IBIE baking expo.

For bakers looking to level up their packaging, there are plenty of bakery solutions to choose from today. When I go to IBIE, I am looking forward to checking out Reiser’s offerings. Want to know why? Quality packaging equipment for baked goods is a crucial step in the bakery production process, no matter what you make. While the main purpose of packaging is to maintain the integrity of baked goods, it is also essential to maintaining the sensorial properties of the food by protecting it from microbiological spoilage and staling.

Packaging equipment for your innovations

Well, for more than 60 years, Reiser has been a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment solutions for the sausage, meat, poultry, seafood, prepared food, bakery, cheese, and pet food industries. Their Repak machines are a new generation of horizontal form-fill-seal equipment for food packaging. Repak’s uses range from meats, dairy, fish, and fresh-cut produce all the way to convenience foods. A few of the benefits bakers can enjoy with it include reduced material costs, exceptional seal integrity, and easy access for sanitation and maintenance.

But that’s not all Reiser has up their sleeve when it comes to bakery equipment. Their bakery solutions also include the Vegman line of stuffers, grinders, formers, fillers, portioners, depositors, extruders, and co-extruders. These solutions make filling pastries, cookies, and cakes a breeze.  I am excited to see what Reiser has to offer in the flesh, and will be sure to visit their booth at the IBIE Baking Expo 2022. Also, I am really hoping to catch a demo of their JLS robotic packaging solutions in action!

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