Innovative Ovens for Better Bakes at iba 2023.

The oven is the workhorse of the bakery, and often the most valuable piece of equipment! After all, the production output of a bakery is usually controlled by the capacity of the oven. Eventually, all bakeries reach a point when they need to invest in new and more efficient machinery, and for a high-speed bakery, this often means investing in ovens. With all the advances in bakery equipment today, there are so many options available on the market including smart ovens, spiral ovens, and more!

Smart Ovens, Smarter Bakers

In the traditional bakery, the production department works under the “we operate the oven and run it until it breaks” mentality. Oven operators generally do not perform any oven maintenance and often wait to contact the maintenance department when the oven breaks down. Therefore, smart ovens that can generate reports, send notifications, and pinpoint problems on the line, save bakers both time and money. On the other hand, spiral ovens can also ensure that products are baked to perfection, reducing product loss. At iba 2023, I’m looking forward to seeing plenty of oven demos on the show floor, alongside how they incorporate design and automation into the baking step.

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