Innovations for the baking industry with Puratos.

Prior to this year’s Baking Expo, I mentioned that I was excited to see plenty of innovative bakery solutions. Well, I can say that the show certainly did not disappoint. At IBIE, I had the chance to speak to Paul Bakus, President, and Jaina Wald, Vice President of Marketing at Puratos North America to discuss the company’s accomplishments, work in education, as well as the growing better-for-you trend.

What’s New in the Baking Industry

During the show, Puratos received the Work Force Development award for their work in their various baking schools. The latest addition is the first based in the United States but offers a replicable format that can help make baking education and training more accessible to future generations. Of course, improving access to information about food also ties into the health and wellness trend that is growing exponentially at the moment.

Nowadays, consumers want to know more about what they eat and where it comes from. Puratos has made the commitment to providing ingredients that fit the better-for-you trend by utilizing functional foods that are backed by science. Anyone who is passionate about science will also be glad to hear that the company is also working with different space agencies to grow wheat and bake bread on Mars. I have to say, I am looking forward to seeing what else the company has in store for the future.

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