green flour

Green flour is freshly milled flour that has not been given time to age and oxidize.

Green Flour

Also Known as Immature Flour and Freshly Milled Flour.

What is Green Flour?

Flour that is used immediately after it is milled. Most high-speed bakeries use their freshly milled flour within 48 hours.

Green flour is freshly milled flour that has not been given time to age and oxidize. Aging of flour refers to the physiochemical reactions that happen during storage. These changes seem to improve the bread making properties of the flour. Use of green flour produces dough that takes a longer time to fully develop in the mixer, and if dough conditioners are not present, would result in bulky dough and dough that tears easily.


Freshly milled flour does not have anytime to mature. The maturing process encourages oxidation. Oxidation increases the strength of the gluten matrix by increasing the number of sulfhydryl linkages. Therefore, when flour has sit for a length of time, the baker would get better dough strength and elasticity. When freshly milled flour is used, more dough conditioners are required to provide that oxidation requirement.1 This is to provide a dough strong enough for machinability.2


To create better products with freshly milled flour, use one of the following methods:

  • Use ADA, ascorbic acid, dough conditioners or enzymes
  • Use a sponge and dough system


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