Improvements in thermal profiling at IBIE 2022.

The IBIE Baking Expo is a great place to see the newest improvements in bakery technology. As the Technical Director of the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, Oregon, I am always interested in learning about the most cutting-edge advancements in the industry, especially when they build upon tried-and-true methods. For instance, thermal profiling can greatly help bakers have more control over their end product.

Control the Baking Step with Thermal Profiling

Thermal profiling is crucial to optimizing the baking process in the oven. This process also helps improve product texture, quality, and shelf life, as well as helps ensure food safety and regulatory compliance for FSMA. The fundamental principle of thermal profiling lies in the fact that physical, microbiological, and chemical changes in the product during thermal processing occur as a function of internal temperature. By running a thermal profile, you can track these changes throughout the bake.

ECD BakeWATCH is recognized worldwide for its leadership and expertise in thermal monitoring and analysis technology. For over 30 years, ECD has been helping commercial bakers around the world with yield improvement and quality consistency using their M.O.L.E.® thermal profiling equipment. There’s always a lot to learn about baking from their team! Recently, ECD has been launched new thermal probe specifically designed for cakes that should help us better understand and control the cake baking process. This is new ground for the baking industry, and I’m looking forward to seeing a demo of the new thermal probe and learning more about its full capabilities. You can check them out at Booth #5723 at IBIE this year.

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