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BAKERpedia is a nurturing environment which allows us to trailblaze, provide value and achieve profitability by focusing on our long-term vision while having fun. We are committed to providing an open and honest workplace to have the autonomy to excel. We are competitive but humble, and we are working towards creating efficient systems to reach our goals. BAKERpedia is focused on our vision to be the fundamental and scientific resource in the global baking industry.

Today, as the world’s only FREE and comprehensive online technical resource for the commercial baking industry, BAKERpedia is used by commercial bakers, ingredient sellers, equipment suppliers and baking entrepreneurs who have easy access to the answers they need to make informed decisions daily. Dr. Lin Carson launched BAKERpedia with the ultimate aim of strengthening the entire baking ecosystem, allowing ideas to thrive, improving efficiencies and encouraging opportunities for growth.

We are looking for technical content writers for writing commercial baking blogs and topics.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Researching industry-related topics (combining online sources, interviews and studies) to create a piece
  • Writing clear marketing copy to promote products/services
  • Writing, editing and proofreading copy for clients project based on material supplied by them
  • Creating original concepts that result in effective and compelling communication
  • Work in tandem with the Content Management Team and sometimes with the Sponsor’s Marketing Team
  • Thorough understanding of the target audience and maintaining the right tone of voice while writing copy for BAKERpedia


  • Can write clear, concise and grammatically correct copy
  • Understands different language styles that appeal to various target markets
  • Has experience with web markup language and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies
  • Familiarity with MLA8
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bakery and/or Cereal Science experience preferred


Send all inquiries to Joanna Evoniuk at [email protected]

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