Global Flavors Take Over Bakeries

Close-up of green tea matcha doughnuts covered with green matcha powder icing and grated pistachio on a cooling rack, matcha dessert. Home made Pistachio donuts, ready to eat. Doughnuts banner

Now more than ever, bakeries are looking to innovate not just with ingredients but also with flavors. We are seeing ethnic and global flavors surge in bakeries as consumers develop their palettes and seek to explore the world through food. Global flavors from international cuisines such as dulce de leche, matcha, cardamom, and more are showing up in breads, pastries, and desserts of all kinds.

From a technical standpoint, adding flavors to baked goods can be complex as they must be able to withstand high temperatures. Additionally, flavor compounds are highly volatile, especially when baking with natural flavors. These food additives provide desirable tastes and aromas to food products and can be used in various baked goods and beverages.

A Demand For Unique Flavor Profiles

With iba right around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing what unique flavor profiles will be making their debut on the show floor. Incorporating new and exciting global flavors into bakery products provides bakers the opportunity to diversify their offerings, attract new customers, and grow their current customer base. Be sure to follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to see BAKERpedia’s live updates from iba 2023.

Find out what else will be on display at iba 2023 later this month:

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