Formulating for the Keto Baking Trend

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Are you looking to innovate your bakery product lines? Don’t pass up the keto baking trend! The keto market was valued at 10 billion dollars back in 2020 and continues to expand every quarter. This bakery trend requires the use of alternative ingredients and processing methods, meaning the baked goods produced are quite different from standard wheat flour-based bakery products in both taste and appearance.

I am confident that there will be plenty of keto baking solutions and innovations on the show floor at iba 2023. The growing popularity of alternative flours and functional ingredients alongside the better-for-you trend Be sure to follow BAKERpedia on all of our social media platforms to see highlights from next month’s tradeshow!

Innovation and Keto Baking

Baking keto and maintaining product quality demands not only high-quality ingredients but also process controls and a comprehensive understanding of how the lack of wheat flour-based proteins can affect texture and shelf life. For a full overview of key ingredients, substitutions, formulas, processing steps, quality control, and shelf life extension for keto breads, cakes, and cookies, be sure to download our FREE Keto Pocket Guide!

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