Clean Label Fermentation with Lesaffre at IBIE.

Today’s consumers want healthier products that are simple to understand and use more familiar ingredients. Consequently, clean label is a growing trend in the baking industry and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. During the Baking Expo in September, I caught up with E.B. Russell, Business Development Manager, and Gideon Butler-Smith, Technical Service Manager, at Lesaffre North America to discuss their range of ingredients and how they cater to the clean label bakery trend.

Clean Label Solutions

Lesaffre has a 170-year heritage, which undoubtedly makes them true experts in fermentation. With their range of bakery ingredients, including yeast, enzymes, baking powders, and malts, they are helping make the switch to clean label less daunting. Fermentation is a complex series of biological reactions that allow the dough to leaven, and having clean label options to choose from can make a world of difference.

It was great fun to watch the Lesaffre North America team’s demos on the show floor (and, of course, taste their delicious bakes). The sky really is the limit with their bakery solutions, and best of all, you can let your creativity run wild while still cleaning up your label.

Watch the full interview here

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