Baking with ancient grains like khorasan wheat can add health benefits like high protein.
Ancient grains have been around a while, but recently they have found their way to the spotlight. While a lot of uses are more home based, they offer some interesting benefits for bakers, as well.

Look at khorasan wheat, for example. Compared to modern wheat, it contains 20-40% more protein and is higher in:

  • Lipids
  • Amino acids
  • Dietary fiber
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Carotenoids (especially lutein)

A few other health benefits of khorasan wheat: 

A study by the International Food Allergy Association also showed that 70% of participants with significant wheat sensitivities were able to eat foods made with khorasan with no or only minor adverse reactions.

Other studies have concluded that khorasan may help in reducing cholesterol as well as other markers of inflammation compared to modern wheat. Other nutritional benefits of include its potential in promoting probiotic strains in the GITb.

 However, since it is a wheat, it is not recommended for people with celiac disease.

But how will it fit in my product? 

Formulas can be made with a substitution of around 50% wheat flour. Being higher in nutritional value, it will cause some changes, like:

  • Higher water absorption (if not compensated for, it may lead to the formation of a dry and crumbly dough)
  • Less volume
  • Dense texture

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