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If you haven’t heard already, BAKERpedia will be heading to iba 2023 in Munich this autumn! As our team does best, we’ll be there to report on bakery trends, equipment, ingredient solutions, and much more. Since this event only takes place every three years, and has been postponed since the pandemic, there is plenty of anticipation about what will make its debut at this year’s tradeshow!

While this may not be a freshly baked trend, the health and wellness trend will certainly be continuing to turn heads on the show floor. I am looking forward to sampling some innovative formulations, as more whole grains, seeds, and superfoods make their appearance in nutritional baked goods.

For Consumers, Health is Wealth

However, I should note that the healthy baked food trend is not only limited to what ingredients are added but also which ingredients are left out. Gluten-free and allergen-friendly bakery products are gaining more popularity these days. Also, as consumers begin to make more conscious food choices there is a much higher demand for reduced or sugar-free baked goods. Bakeries that wish to stay current, and truly give the people what they want, will need to search for more ingredient solutions to provide fresh, nutritious, and balanced bakery products, which they will find at this show.

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