Why Pizza and Flatbread Markets are on the “Rise”

Why Pizza and Flatbread Markets are on the “Rise”


Our recent BAKERview seminar on Pizza and Flatbread provided a wealth of information and tips for improvement and optimization. You can catch the replay or read the summary below.

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Why Pizza and Flatbread Markets are on the “Rise”

The Growing Pizza and Flatbread Market

The global market for pizza and flatbreads is experiencing remarkable growth. Pizza, a beloved baked good, is projected to grow from $148.6 billion to $225 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.45%. Flatbreads are not far behind, valued at $43.7 billion and expected to reach $70.7 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 6.2%. These trends reflect consumers’ increasing demand for diverse and healthier baked products, including regional pizza styles and flatbreads like naan, pita, and chapati.

Ingredients and Their Impact on Baking

Essential ingredients like flour, water, fat, and sugar play crucial roles in baking pizza and flatbreads. Flour provides the structural foundation, with its protein content influencing dough elasticity and texture. Water acts as a binding agent, facilitating gluten formation and contributing to the dough’s cohesiveness during baking. The hardness of water can also impact the dough’s texture and final product quality. 

Fat, even in small amounts, significantly affects the flavor and texture of baked goods. Different types of oil, such as canola versus virgin olive oil, can yield distinct differences in the final product. Sugar, primarily used to feed yeast, also aids in browning and enhancing flavors.

Innovative Sanitation Solutions for Bakeries

Effective sanitation is critical for maintaining food safety and product quality in bakeries. It is also vital to factor in the hygienic design of equipment in high-speed bakeries to ensure proper sanitation. Traditional cleaning methods, such as manual scrubbing and equipment disassembly, are labor-intensive and time-consuming. Goodway Technologies offers advanced sanitation systems that revolutionize this process.

Traditional methods involved removing sections of the conveyor, washing, sanitizing, and reinstalling them, consuming approximately 120 labor hours. Goodway’s system streamlines this process, allowing belts to be cleaned in place and significantly reducing labor time by 95%.

The technology also ensures thorough cleaning, reducing yeast and mold counts while leaving belts instantly dry and ready for use. This hands-free, water-efficient system minimizes chemical usage and operator strain while eliminating the risk of recontamination during reinstallation.

Calculating ROI and Improving Efficiency

Goodway Technologies provides tools to help bakeries calculate their sanitation systems’ return on investment (ROI). By evaluating current cleaning tasks, labor hours, and associated costs, bakeries can determine potential time, labor, and water consumption savings. These calculations clearly show the financial and operational benefits of adopting advanced sanitation solutions.

Addressing Water Consumption and Environmental Concerns

Water consumption is a significant concern for many bakeries, both from a cost and environmental perspective. Goodway’s system addresses this by using only seven gallons of water per hour, with the steam evaporating and no water going down the drain. This technology conserves water and eliminates wastewater disposal issues, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Enhancing Dough Quality through Fermentation

Evan Reyes, Global Director of Sales in the Sanitation Division at Goodway Technologies, touched on the importance of fermentation in improving dough quality. A 24-hour bulk refrigerated fermentation allows protease enzymes to break down proteins, increasing dough extensibility and reducing the tendency to snap back. This process is crucial for achieving the desired texture and elasticity in pizza dough, while also enhancing the final product’s quality.

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In an industry where efficiency, safety, and product quality are paramount, innovative sanitation solutions like those from Goodway Technologies offer significant advantages. Bakeries can achieve higher quality products and more profitable operations by streamlining cleaning processes, reducing labor and water usage, and enhancing food safety. As the pizza and flatbread markets continue to grow, these advancements in sanitation technology will be essential for meeting consumer demand and maintaining a competitive edge.

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