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From problem solving to cost savings to intelligent design. Take a deeper dive into our blogs to get the tips and tricks of the trade. Need more information or sample ingredients? Contacts are available on our blog pages to connect you with our advertisers.

BAKERpedia Media


Discover the latest trends, techniques, and insights in the baking industry. LIVE streams from our social media pages, brings you educational and entertaining content. Join our hosts as they answer questions, break down key baking processes, and interview industry thought leaders. 

BAKED in Science

BAKED in Science

We’re on is on a mission to get BAKED in Science. Setting up shop where baking and science meet, this podcast is focused on all the technical aspects of the baking industry, covering everything from food safety, ingredient and equipment solutions and innovation. With guests from all corners of the industry, talking on some of the hottest topics and trends, BAKED in Science is right in the midst of the mix

Knead to know basis

KNEAD to Know Basis

Every wondered how bread stales and the chemistry behind it? Or, how you can combat the increasing costs of eggs by learning some of the egg replacement techniques? Discover the key facts for some of the most popular baking ingredients and processes with this educational series. You’ll be the expert in under 10 mins!

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