Donuts are a classic bakery treat that seem to be a forever favorite. Ranging from simple to deliciously complex, they are a space for innovation and creativity. And while producing fried dough may seem simple enough, donuts do come with their fair share of unique challenges. So here to circle up the truth about donuts is your BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke and Randy McArthur with Dawn Foods.

Randy is a second generation baker who grew up above his father’s small bakery in St. Louis, Missouri. He took over the business in 1976, and over the next 36 years grew it to include 3 locations and a small wholesale section. Now working in the technical department of Dawn Foods, Randy shares his experiences to help customers troubleshoot and formulate new ideas.

Donut Production Tips

Mark and Randy discuss new innovation opportunities, like the sourdough donut mix from Dawn Foods. Sourdough is a hugely popular flavor trend at the moment, and serving it in donut form opens up exciting possibilities.

A few other topics include:

  • Brioche donuts
  • Dry mix solutions
  • Extending oil fry life
  • Impact of labor and supply shortages
  • Ways to extend donut shelf life
  • Overnight production trends

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