BAKED in Science EP 71: Possibilities in 3D Food Printing  BAKED in Science EP 71: Possibilities in 3D Food Printing

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Creativity has always been a fundamental part of food. The industry is constantly looking for ways to build something groundbreaking and eye-catching from simple ingredients. What’s interesting is when new technology comes into the mix. Say for instance, 3D food printing customized strawberries filled with chocolate ganache.

In this BAKED in Science episode, Mark Floerke sits down with Meagan Bozeman, Co-Founder at CURRANT™ 3D and Sugar Lab. With a degree in mechanical engineering and 2 decades in the 2D printing industry, Meagan began focusing on 3D printing technology and how to take it into new spaces.

She connected with Kyle von Hasseln, who during graduate school for architecture, had started using sugar instead of plastic to 3D print more affordable building models. This innovation led to 3D printed cake toppers, an acquisition of Sugar Lab, and Meghan developing CURRANT™, the printer their company is now based around.

The Future of 3D Food Printing

Now a few years and many R&D hours later, food possibilities abound. Meagan shares all the creative ways that 3D printing can fit into the baking and food industry.

Meagan and Mark discuss:

  • The background and future of SugarLabs and 3D food printing
  • Storytelling through food
  • Healthy and non-sweet food printing
  • Most interesting projects
  • Biggest challenges facing 3D food printing
  • Using technology to save time and money

Check out Sugar Lab here!

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