BAKED in Science EP 69: IBIE Trends and Highlights  BAKED in Science EP 69: IBIE Trends and Highlights

The baking industry gathered from around the world at IBIE 2022 to talk shop and explore the latest trends and innovations. Since this baking expo only happens every three years, there’s always plenty to catch up on and discover.

While we can’t capture everything we saw in just one podcast (check out our IBIE hub for that), BAKED in Science host Mark Floerke shares a few favorite highlights and interviews he recorded live from the show floor.

IBIE Trends Roundtable

First up, Mark is joined by Dr. Lin of BAKERpedia, Arnaud Dubat of KPM Analytics and Dr. Sophia Pai of Tate & Lyle. The group of seasoned professionals discuss what’s been catching their eye at the show and the industry overall. Topics include sugar replacement, quality control and tracking data for success, dealing with ingredient shortages or replacements, and vegan grilled cheese sandwiches.

Did you know that you can use KPM Vision Inspection Technology to improve product quality and consistency at full line speed? Virtually any food product can be measured using 2D/3D/color imaging technology, either directly during the production process or using a Benchtop Inspection System for at-line quality checks. To learn more, go to kpmanalytics.com.

Baking with Organic Oats

As healthy, functional and clean label ingredients continue to be in high demand, Mark shares an interview with Pat Shannon, Business Development at Grain Millers. The two talk about how oat and grain-based solutions offer bakers a variety of applications and options when formulating for top trends.

Grain Millers is a leading manufacturer of organic and conventional whole grain ingredients focused on supplying safe and healthy ingredients that add value. Check out their gluten-free oats, fibers, wheat, barley, and rye ingredients at grainmillers.com!

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